5 Amazing things you can do to keep mosquitoes away from your baby

keep mosquitoes away from your baby

Babies aren’t cognitively capable of shooing away mosquitoes from sucking on their blood, whereas adults are, and as a result, babies are susceptible to being easy targets for mosquitoes.


Your infant is at risk for developing allergies, fever, and a number of other ailments if they are bitten by a mosquito. Because it is better to prevent an illness than to treat it, here are five preventative steps you may take to shield your infant from the bites of these bloodsucking insects.

1. Choose garments that will expose the least amount of skin possible

One of the most efficient strategies to avoid getting bitten by a mosquito is to cover up as much of your exposed skin as possible. Make sure that the clothing you choose for your child is comfortable and that it completely covers their arms and legs. Choose knits that aren’t too thick but still manage to keep the air moving while still doing their job of covering the body.

If you want to prevent mosquitoes from biting through your baby’s clothing, opt for loose-fitting garments rather than ones that are too tight.

2. Eliminate any potential mosquito breeding areas

Mosquitoes tend to thrive in environments with standing water because it provides an ideal breeding environment. Eliminating them completely is a necessary step. Check to see if your water storage containers, such as drums, buckets, and tanks, are protected. Never leave water in the compartments of an air cooler.

It is important to maintain a well-trimmed garden as well as houseplants in order to decrease the number of hiding places available to mosquitoes. To prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs, you should continue to often change the water in any containers that hold water.

3. Use organic mosquito-repelling perfumes

This strategy allows you to accomplish two goals at the same time. There is a wide variety of merchandise available, like incense sticks, scented candles, and essential oils, that can not only ward against mosquitoes but also leave your home smelling pleasant. Choose aromas that naturally deter mosquitoes, such as lemongrass, neem, citronella, cedar, lavender, and eucalyptus. All of these can be found as essential oils.

However, you should make sure that your infant is unable to get their hands on these things.

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4. Put up screens and netting to protect yourself from mosquito bites

Mosquito nets are the most effective non-toxic mosquito repellant since they do not have any adverse impact on the health of your baby. Make sure that there are no mosquitoes that get caught inside the net when you are constructing it.

In addition, you may prevent mosquitoes from entering your home by installing mesh screens on your doors and windows. These screens may be frequently removed from the windowsill or door frame, where they are held in place using velcro, so that they can be cleaned.

5. Get educated on the diseases that are spread by mosquitoes

Keeping yourself, your kid, and the rest of your family safe starts with arming yourself with as much information as you can. Gaining knowledge about the numerous diseases transmitted by mosquito will help you identify them and protect yourself from them. When the weather is warm and humid, mosquitoes are more likely to bite, therefore you should take extra precautions during these times.

In order to protect your loved ones against mosquito-borne illnesses like dengue fever, malaria, and chikungunya, educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of these conditions, as well as the treatment options and prevention measures available.

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Do you know what scent repels mosquitoes?

Lemongrass, cinnamon, citronella, patchouli, cedar, catnip, lavender, peppermint, and many other natural scents deter mosquitoes.

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