What are the signs of a Strep A infection? All you need to know about Strep A (streptococcal A) infection

There is a wide spectrum of infections that a Strep A bacteria can cause, from very mild ones to ones that are fatal.

Some people may have no symptoms despite having Strep A bacteria in their throat or on their skin.  

Impetigo, scarlet fever, and strep throat are just some of the illnesses that Strep A can trigger.  

It takes far less time for strep throat to develop than a typical sore throat, but the pain can come on quite suddenly.

Impetigo starts with red sores or blisters that rupture, leaving golden crusts. Antibiotics cure the infection.

High fever, scratchy throat, and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck are common scarlet fever symptoms.

After 12 to 48 hours, a rash will begin to develop, initially appearing on the chest and stomach before spreading.

Strawberry tongue is the result of a white covering that forms on the tongue and eventually peels off, leaving the tongue red, bloated, and covered with tiny bumps.

In addition to a high temperature (above 38 degrees Celsius), extreme pain and swelling, and redness at the incision site are symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis.