Republicans Made Huge Inroads In Oklahoma Rural Counties after almost 20 years since 2002 by USAmeganews.

It's been a long time (almost 20 years) since Democrat Brad Henry won the Oklahoma gubernatorial election.

The progressions in party enrollment from that point forward show how much the Republican Party has made inroads into traditionally Democrat rural areas.

Rural counties are the landmark in the current year's governor’s race between Republican Kevin Stitt and Democrat Joy Hofmeister.

Democrat Joy Hofmeister, who exchanged parties last year in the wake of winning statewide office two times as a Republican.

Libertarian Natalie Bruno and Independent Ervin Yen are additionally competing for the governor’s office.

The most recent surveys show a cutthroat race, to a great extent from a flood of negative external promoting against Stitt.

All things considered, any Republican statewide candidate begins with a characteristic benefit in Oklahoma, with 51% of voters as enlisted Republicans,

As per the most recent depiction by the state election board, Democrats make up 30% of voters, with Libertarians at almost 1%.

Those party enrollment numbers are definitely not quite the same as in 2002 when Democrats made up 54% of enlisted voters and Republicans were at 36%.