Mega Millions: Big Missouri winner to share with charities. All you need to know about the latest winner.

The winner of a two million Mega Millions prize said, "This is a huge chance for me to help others." 

The winner of a two million Mega Millions prize further said, "I don't want to be the only person that gains from this situation"

She intends to donate a portion of the wins to charity causes, such as animal rescues, programs for veterans,

and addiction recovery centers, as well as spend a piece of the money to buy a new house for herself.

She won a $1 million base prize with the Missouri Lottery Mega Millions ticket that she purchased at the Circle K located at 3700 Elm Street in St. Charles.

Because she had purchased the Megaplier option for her ticket, the initial prize of one million dollars was increased to two million dollars.

The numbers that were chosen that evening were 4, 18, 31, 53, and 69, and the number for the Mega Ball was 7.

The Mega Millions jackpot for this coming Friday is expected to be worth approximately $238 million.

St. Charles County residents won a total of over $64.3 million in FY22 from the Missouri Lottery Prize.