The 'Lion Diet' is the latest trend on TikTok, and it consists of the user only consuming salt, meat, and water

Some TikTokers assert that the "miracle health advantages" of the "lion diet," also known as the "carnivore diet," are real.

Fruits, vegetables, and beverages are off-limits, and only "ruminant" animals are permitted in the Lion Diet.

which include sheep, goats, and bison, are classified as herbivorous grazing mammals. Finally, salt is the only permitted seasoning.

The hashtag "theliondiet" is trending on TikTok with over 14.8 million views and counting, demonstrating the diet's immense popularity.

@roryskitchen's TikTok explainer on the "lion diet" went viral. The rest of his series had millions more views than that one video.

As someone intolerant to everything, he thought it was his duty to try the diet to see whether it would address his health problems.

The prominent TikToker said he started the regimen to cure his "inflamed and leaky gut, autoimmune symptoms, and health concerns."

Jordan Peterson "stopped snoring the first week" on the "lion diet" and his "psoriasis gone" he said on "Joe Rogan Experience."

Mikhaila Peterson promoted the diet at TEDx. "The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast" host struggled from chronic diseases as a teenager.